2002 Korando for Sale. Busan/ Gimhae area

I am asking 1,000,000 won or best offer.

My 2002 Korando is a 2/4WD, two seater, farm-purposes diesel, manual transmission vehicle with more than 200,000km on it.

Photo #4 shows replacement hinges for the back door – originals seized up and were replaced.

Photo #5 shows the remnants of a back-up mirror that broke off.

Photo #6 shows a rain gutter for the driver side that partially broke off.

It is described at ‘farm-purposes’ and probably isn’t the best for gas mileage but I have driven Seoul to Busan and back many times with no concerns. but the back is NOT for passengers. A person can sit on the floor back there, even curl up and rest, but it is not a wonderful experience. My in-laws were farmers but the Korando has not be used much for carting farm materials so there is no farm-smell; simply put, the back is a flat storage space that is not built for humans to be comfortable. As well, there are no side-windows in the back.

It has been a good car for me but I am moving out of country. I would prefer to keep the car until April 21 but can arrange an earlier sale.

Big Ho, I would drive to Seoul if you wanted it!

One Response to “2002 Korando for Sale. Busan/ Gimhae area”

  1. bighominid Says:

    Alas, I don’t have an international driver’s license! Anyway, I’ve given this post a shout-out on my blog, for what that’s worth. I hope someone takes the Korando off your hands soon. Good luck!

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