An easy job, I think

The Korea Times needs a copy-editor.  I’m not sure what the requirements would be for that job.  Print Kang Shin-Who’s crap with editing, would seem to be part of it.

Returning to Brian in Jeolla, his ‘shoddy journalism’ reports seem focused on the Times as well.

UPDATED:  Kushibo shows why it would be an easy job.  Perez or Paris?  He or she?

Perez Hilton, operator of her blog,, which reports news on pop songs, movies and other U.S. entertainment last Friday put single music videos of Bing Bang and 2NE1 on her blog.

Perez Hilton showed her favor to Korean pop songs, saying, “I love Korean pop songs,” after introducing Big Bang’s single “Lolli Pop Part II under the title of “K-Pop Amusingness.”

He had another reason to show her love for the music video. T.O.P., one of the four-member group, held the idol of Hilton for one minutes and 17 second, as if he was conscious of Hilton. Hilton praised the scene “very creative.”

From this article.



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