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A rant about rants

February 13, 2013

While in Korea, I listened to a lot of CBC radio and TVO audio news.  Here in Canada, I have been too lazy to search for the local CBC station.  The strongest, clearest station that I don’t mind is 95.7FM from Barrie.  On it is segment called “the Cheap Seats” in which a man rants about various a new thing every day.

This sounds like a  tough gig.  Each day, he has to be angry or upset about something.  Actually, now and then, he goes out of his way to applaud someone’s actions and I admire that although that too would become boring after a few repetitions.

Gosh, I feel like a bad man for admitting that.  I want to hear good things about people every day but I expect I would have to work at it to keep listening after the first week.

Anyway, finding five things to be angry about every week is a tough job.  Rick Mercer does a good job of it, and is usually very funny in the process, but he only does it once a week.

At The Cheap Seats, some recent rants were about Canada Is Cold and Tough, and Cars Don’t Have Cool Shapes Anymore and both bugged me.  Ah, these weren’t consecutive releases, so I am open to the charge of nitpicking.

“Canada is Cold and Tough” discussed how well our country functions with snow while the southern US and other locations are paralyzed by dustings of snow.  This is likely true.  My recent home cities of Busan and Sokcho (both in South Korea) suffered greatly by snowfalls that I found comforting.  On the other hand, they have managed very well with typhoons and moderate water shortages that would terrify and infuriate Canadians respectively.

“Cars Don’t Have Cool Shapes Anymore” was a rant about the boring sameness of cars these days.  He seems uncaring about gas mileage or economy and unaware of the current variety available to buyers.  From Smart Cars to Nissan Cubes to trucks and SUVs, I think there is similar variety to the heyday of the El Camino.

finding things to complain wittily about is tough.  Good luck to The Cheap Seats and pick up your game, man.