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The dinosaur museum in Goseong (and more)

December 7, 2011

Hi there!  Long time, no read.

I attempted the Nanowrimo project last month (the goal is to write 50,000 words- a novel – in one month) and didn’t get very far.  Still, that was the number one thing I was to do, so if I wasnt doing it, I couldn’t do things lower on the list either.

Anyway, I’m back.

December third was our wedding anniversary so like any middle-aged couple with a child, we did child-friendly stuff.  Heck, we all loved the dinosaur museum!

I sure didn’t love the trip to the museum.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve been suffering from headaches occurring roughly every other day.  First, I went to a dentist but he found no problems.  Then I went to a hospital and I learned my cold has progressed to sinusitis and the infection in a sinus cavity has been causing my headaches.

On the drive to the museum, my head began to pound.  In addition to the anti-viral pills, my doctor had also given me Tylenol to help until the infection subsided.  I’m not the smartest man in Korea, but I knew better than to take pain-killers then drive in heavy traffic on unfamiliar roads. So, I suffered.

The tiny bit of blue paint scuffed onto the bumper of my car came from a low-speed accident.  Of course, this is the back bumper: I am in the clear, responsibility-wise.  In a tunnel, in heavy traffic, a car stopped.  The next two struck.  I stopped in time.  The truck behind me didn’t.  Not the smartest man, but in the top 40% of drivers (five cars and drivers, two blameless)!

I probably scared the very concerned driver who struck us.  I stumbled out of the car holding my head and looking at him from my left eye.  Anyway, it was a low-speed impact and we took some pictures and told the guy not to worry.

Then we got to the museum.  The little guy was out of control and could hardly breathe he was so excited.  We climbed some stairs and he looked left at some dinosaurs and right at some dinosaurs and was briefly rooted as he didn’t know which way to go.  Finally he went left.

After checking out the T. rex, we headed toward the museum proper.  The location is fantastic on it’s own, as you can see below.

The museum itself is good for all ages and includes a 3-d video for children.  My camera takes terrible photos indoors, so let me skip to what I found to be the best part.

I repeated the number “one hundred million years” to my son, but he didn’t seem so thrilled.  For me, though, these prints, the actual prints of actual dinosaurs from so long ago were more interesting than the models inside.

There is a ‘cafeteria’ onsite, but it didn’t have much to offer.  Bring your own food!  The little guy was energetic and uncomplaining through the whole visit although he didn’t eat much.

As we headed to the car, we found this roller-slide.


I would say this wasn’t the highpoint of the visit – nothing can beat dinosaurs – but it was a highpoint.

The little guy went up the escalator and down the slide many times.


Around four, the place was getting cold and we were ready to head home.  If I had been feeling better and the weather warmer (it was as good as one could expect for December) we could have stayed much longer.  I want to go back and hike along the shore more.

We spent the night at the in-laws farm and did some farm work on Sunday.  I also found this spider skeleton.  A photo of a skeleton is appropriate in a post about a museum, right?

I knew spiders have an ‘exo-skeleton’ but wasn’t aware of the internal frame that is clear in the photo.  Cool.