(Somewhat) Poor Man’s photography

This is going to sound like..No, it is a first world problem.  I have a great little Sony camera and one of the few things it lacks is a really powerful zoom.  As a sort of workaround, I occasionally  try to use telescopes or binoculars.  It is really too hard to hold binoculars steady enough but a mounted scope works surprisingly well.


Here is the Bushnell scope at the far observation blind at Wye Marsh.DSC09625There is a tiny turtle at the end of the log, more or less in the middle of the picture.DSC09626 b

Here he is shooting through the scope with my camera at maximum zoom.DSC09627This is a painted turtle, quite small and likely only a few years old.


It is difficult to hold the camera steady enough and being even slightly off results in a picture like this if  you are lucky.DSC09624


So I had the camera at maximum zoom as it seemed to focus better and the automatic range-finding worked best.  At wide-angle, I only got the eyepiece of the scope in focus.


Now, all I need to take great long distance shots is for a mounted, high-quality telescope to be on location.


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