Jack in the Pulpit v Poison Ivy

Jack in the Pulpit (Wikipedia) is a plant with an unusual flower – the figure in the pulpit – and, more importantly, branches with three leaves.  At the Marsh it grows near poison ivy.  It doesn’t really resemble poison ivy except in the three-leaves aspect.  Still, many of the students I see parrot the “Leaves of three let it be” line.  I guess they aren’t interested in clover, strawberries or trilliums.

Yesterday, I found a Jack… with seeds.  I wouldn’t bother my devoted reader(s?) with such trivia but for another plant I saw with seeds two days ago.  First, the Jack in the pulpit:


These poison ivy berries look quite similar to the Jack…’s berries.  Well, small, green and round.  I guess that applies to a few different plants.  Still, I was struck by the resemblance.  This site tells me that the berries with blanch as they ripen.poison ivy (4)

Look how beautiful the red leaves are.  If I didn’t know better, I might want these in a garden.poison ivy (5)

Take a test on how well you can recognize poison ivy here.  My results after the jump:

This one I should have gotten.  Still, the leaves are far different than any I’d seen at the marsh.poison ivy error 2 Considering that this is a post comparing Jack-in-the-pulpit, I am very embarrassed about this error.poison ivy error 3I’d like to think that if I saw more of the vine, I’d recognize it.  On the other hand, in the spring at the Marsh, we have poison ivy shoots with no leaves that are basically impossible to recognize. Sometimes this is all you are able to see.poison ivy errorI’m satisfied with this score.poison ivy error 4


From a previous post, a comparison that the test omits: poison ivy and trilliums -which is which?

ivy and trillium (2)

ivy and trillium (2)


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