National Park Images of the day: Georgian Bay Islands National Park

On Sunday, I took some friends to Beausoleil Island, a national park on Georgian Bay.  Along the way, we stopped at Kevin Cadeau’s residence (his info is halfway down the page).  Cadeau is a chain saw artist, making bears and other animals from wood in the round.beauseoliel (3b)

beauseoliel (10b)

Signs of low water levels were everywhere, like this dock that was half a metre too high above water.beauseoliel (17)

Most of my pics are of friends and family and so will not appear here.

This is the first trillium with hints of pink that I have seen.  They might be common but I haven’t been in Canada for many years.beauseoliel (19c)Tadpoles were everywhere and I think they might all have hatched at once.  They were staying in brackish ponds that had some access to Georgian Bay water.  I watched some minnows dart in, grab one and depart.beauseoliel (21b) This is a Rock Harlequin and there were common on the thin soil on the rocks in the northern half of the island.beauseoliel (24b)Beausoleil Island has some connection with Sainte Marie Among the Hurons, I think.  When the Sainte Marie village closed, some local people moved here.  The last burial was in 1927 so someone must still be visiting to care for this grave.beauseoliel (32b)There were several other graves and the ages listed showed remarkable variety.  Many had died tragically young – two years or ten months – while others lived incredibly long lives – 101 years is listed on one marker.beauseoliel (33b)I don’t know what kind of salamander or newt this is and would love some assistance.beauseoliel (35)When we returned, I was exhausted and just rested.  My son, on  the other hand, went out to do some gardening.beauseoliel (1)



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