Provincial Park Images of the day: Wasaga Beach

What better place to go on a sunny day than Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, the world’s longest freshwater beach and the town I was born in?

The little guy is in front of more than 12 km of beach.wasaga (3) b

This sand was so powdery that we just can’t guess what animal made these tracks.  I realize now that I should have put my thumb in the pic for size comparisons.  My thumbnail would fill the gap between the upper and lower marks.  Large bug or small vert?wasaga (1) b Collingwood still has snow.wasaga (2) bThere is no land to be seen at the horizon.  This might as well be the view from Sokcho.wasaga (6) bI have seen many of these little depressions in the sand but have never heard what causes them.  Still don’t know.
wasaga (7) b I took this pic to prove I waded out a little distance.  At ankle depth, the sun-warmed water was pleasant but well before knee depth, it turned icy!wasaga (12) b Ontario Parks truck making the rounds.wasaga (16)


Ontario Parks

Friends of Wasaga Beach

Trip Advisor


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