Wye Marsh, April 29, 30

I have fairly big news: Surprises Aplenty is now employed!


Some time ago, I described my situation, moving back to Canada as leaving a job I love to find one that I can tolerate and earn enough to care for the family.  Well, I am lucky to have another job I expect to love but I don’t think it is one to keep the family in rice and kimchi.


My new employer, the Wye Marsh is an outdoor education centre that, well, have a look at the sorts of things I’ll be doing and working with.b DSC08352 This beaver was walking across a field near a canoe launch point.b DSC08358

These red wing black bird are everywhere.b DSC08362

For the first time in at least five years, an osprey is using the purpose-built platform for nesting.b DSC08365

These pitcher plants live on nutrition-poor ground and supplement their fertilizer with insects drowned in their pitchers.b DSC08370

This Canada Goose mother is guarding her nest.b DSC08371 I was told the names of both flowers – the yellow ones are not dandelions.b DSC08373

This snapping turtle was in such a hurry its legs blurred as it waddled.b DSC08374

2 Responses to “Wye Marsh, April 29, 30”

  1. Kevin Kim Says:

    Congrats on the new job!

  2. National wildlife Area Pics of the Month: Wye Marsh | Surprisesaplenty's Blog Says:

    […] Okay, I know you are really here for the pics(more can be found here: […]

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