Prov Park Images of the Day: Waubaushene Beaches


The ‘beaches’ of Waubaushene Beaches Nature Reserve are ancient and historic, not contemporary.  Looking down from this hill are several ledges which once were margins of an ancient lake with different names depending on the era.  It was Algonquin Lake, Nipissing Lake, Lake Payette and more.  In walking up the hill, it felt like we were passing the remains of land-intensive farm -terracing.
waubaushene prov park (3b)
The deer scat was everywhere but we didn’t see any actual deer.  It didn’t help that my son, who loved the walk, also loved yelling and fighting any errant tree branches (and my ankles) with a stick he found.
waubaushene prov park (4b)

The park is pocket-sized and the only entrance we found was on Albin Road.  From highway 12, we turned lakeward on Pine St until we were nearly at the lake, then turned left on Albin.waubaushene prov park (5)

At the Pine and Albin intersection is a Tay Trail access point.  The trail is great for walkers, cyclists or any speed in between and I think it is all as well paved as this photo suggests.waubaushene prov park (1)waubaushene prov park (10)waubaushene prov park (7b)
I look at a rock that has been folded like this and finally wonder what geology is all about.
waubaushene prov park (9)


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