Really, I’m not that old

…said plaintively.


Yesterday, I went to a wonderful store specializing in educational toys for children.  As I paid for my purchase, the cashier asked if I were a grandparent as there was a special.  I told her, no, and that I was a little angry.

Today, this came in the mail:

50 plus

I must admit, I love the Grey Power commercial where the father is bummed out by his fiftieth birthday and only halfheartedly thanks his son for the new drill. Then, his wife gives him a grey power brochure and he is thrilled…but still pushes his son’s gift away while his son watches.

Anyway, I’m not a grandfather, nor am I fifty.  My first exposure to music was probably Smother Brothers Think Ethnic and the first music I owned was Dumb Ditties -on vinyl (Here is Bridget the Midget by some guy named Ray Stevens).  Actually, The Smothers Brothers were probably being banned around the time I was born, anyone who bought that album would be over fifty.


But not me, darnit!



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