Provincial Park Image of the Day: Lady Evelyn Smoothwater and Sturgeon Lake

Muskoka, my home region, was recently included in the “northern” category for political reasons.  Despite that, Muskoka is south of much of the border between Canada and the US.  One of only two parks that I know of named after noble-women, Lady Evelyn is north enough that I suspect there is little difference between in and out of the park.  A good thing as the only road access point (Mowat’s Landing, from highway 11 near Haileybury) is not all that close to the park as southerners measure these things.

Lady Evelyn and Sturgeon Lake Parks are near each other and not much else.

Today’s photo of Lady Evelyn comes from OutdoorJay who seems to have covered a lot of ground.  Luckily, he didn’t have the portages a similar distance in Algonquin would have.

Sturgeon River Provincial Park’s image comes from BushcraftUSA, where a trip through the park is described.


Ontario Parks Lady Evelyn Smoothwater

Ontario Parks Sturgeon River

Wikipedia Lady Evelyn

Temagami Vacations and Lady Evelyn





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