Provincial Park Image of the Day: Short Hills

Boy, I really phoned in yesterday’s post!  Petroglyphs is such a unique and valuable park that it is pretty safe from closure threats so I guess it didn’t really fit with the overall theme of these posts – organize and protect them before you lose them.

I seem to recall a park with a similar name near Drumheller in Alberta.  This park, of course, is in Ontario.

Today’s image is from Kiri Strax on Flickr and was taken in Short Hills Prov Park near my alma mata, Brock University.
An odd small waterfall along Black Walnut Trail in Short Hills Provincial Park


Although I lived in St Catharines for many years and actually did research there for my degree in Recreation Studies, I spent very little time in the park.  With views like that above, I should have gone there more.

My research was in the conflict between different user groups at the park and the results were interesting.  There were five basic groups using the park, hikers, cross country skiers, joggers, mountain bikers, and equestrians.  Skiers identified slightly more with joggers than hikers but there was some overlap. Anyway, groups to the left were liked by groups to the right but didn’t like groups to the right.

That is, everyone liked hikers but hikers didn’t like any other group – generally speaking.  Nobody liked the equestrians but equestrians liked all the others. Hikers, joggers and skiers were liked by cyclists, but didn’t return the feeling.

The more to the left you were, the more  you were in the park for intellectual curiosity.  The more to the right you were, the more you disrupted those opportunities for curiosity.

The work was done in 1995 and I can’t recall if we offered any suggestions for smoother sharing of the park.  It is, or was, one of th efew places where horses were welcome so I hope they continue to enjoy access.


Links of interest

Ontario Parks

Friends Of Short Hills


The park is not without controversy. A recent deer cull caught the attention of the St Catharines Standard.



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