Prov Park Image of the day: Massasauga

I’ve skirted the park boundaries a few times as some family members have a cottage nearby.  Well, I skirted what would become the borders; this park is only a few years old. I should warn readers that I work to pick beautiful pictures from each park, ones I feel display something unique about it.  I add the warning because something not at all unique, but still surprising, was the number of photos of people in mosquito nets.  Be warned!

Today’s photo is from Terry McDonald, who’s flickr stream is here.  He (?) entered the park in Muskoka District which I found interesting as, even though I lived in Muskoka for thirty years, I didn’t pay much attention to its Georgian Bay coastline.

Shield Rock Shoreline, Massasauga Provincial Park, Ontario


Ontario Parks

Trip Advisor

Youtube Video


Jack’s account at Ontario Nature blog

Adrienne Montgomery’s account at GORP







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One Response to “Prov Park Image of the day: Massasauga”

  1. mom Says:

    Is there anything better than the grain and formation of Georgian Bay rock??

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