Prov Park Image of the Day: Pancake Bay

Pancake Bay Provincial Park looks like a great place. Any shore of Lake Superior would be wonderful -if you are warm enough -but, as this image shows, there is even more to see inland.

One selling point for the park is that the shallow beach is said to be relatively warm – a rare commodity on Superior.

The Ontario Parks site informs me that I can see the location where the Edmund Fitzgerald sank. Probably looks like any other stretch of water, though.  Hard to believe that happened so recently as 1975.

As such things go, the Wikipedia page is fairly long.

There appears to be no Friends Of … page and the Facebook page is quite limited.

I hadn’t seen the Park Reports website before.  They report on a cleanup at Pancake Bay.

Sea kayaking would be fantastic on Superior and there is or was a tour from Pancake Bay.

I cycled across the western provinces more than ten years ago and was advised to go by bus or train from the Ontario/Manitoba border to Saulte Saint Marie as the highways had no shoulders and were too dangerous.  Anastasiavogl, when she is not sewing, apparently is brave enough to cycle this route and mentions Pancake Bay quite eloquently.

As I was riding through the park I finally got some of the gorgeous lake vistas that I had been waiting for since Thunder Bay. There were bautiful bays filled with blue green water, coloured sand or rocks, sheltered places and open water. I felt like Legolas in “The Two Towers” when he smells the green smell of Rohan and says that it’s better than much rest. I pedalled a lot happier and faster when the scenery was gorgeous.

Ah, upon a reread, Anastasia may have been writing about Lake Superior Provincial Park.  To an outsider like me, it’s all the same and all wonderful.

Added later:  Turns out I visited Pancake Bay Prov Park thirty-five or forty years ago.  Don’t remember a bit of it but mother tells me that we swam in comfortable water one day.  The next day, the wind changed and we ran in expecting the same warm water…we leapt out with amazing speed.


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