Spring: a reason for the demise of print media in the North

Here in Penetanguishene, we get a free paper or two every week.  Further, we subscribe to the Toronto Star so there’s another paper a day on or near our doorstep.  My mom seems to enjoy reading the local papers and picks up the ones in our driveway. Either the neighbors are less excited by the paper or are too slow and the plow has buried it.


I am not shaming my neighbors here; the snow just melted so these were hidden and the street apparently spotless just a day or two ago.  I am not even blaming the newspaper companies.  They want the papers in our hands and no one benefits from a buried paper.

I follow the news from a variety of sources.  For Korean news, I chiefly depend on blogs.  Here, I follow Twitter feeds from environmental organizations and science enthusiasts and catch most local news on TV.  I like to read a paper and enjoy the comics more in paper form but feel no strong desire to collect or throw them away.

demise print media

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