Why can’t I earn this kind of money?

Aside from the illegality, I mean.

From the Korea times:

A Korean private tutor was caught earning more than 150 million won ($130,000) a month, without paying tax, from illegally teaching students in an apartment in the affluent southern Seoul.

He allegedly taught a group of students in a 337 square-meter (102 pyeong) apartment, charging about 10 million won per student per year. This is the first time that a tutor who has taken such a large amount of tutoring fees has been caught.

Let’s see. A hundred and fifty million won a month.  That’s one point eight billion per year.  One hundred and eighty students per month.  How do I compare?

I have 7 classes at about 20 students.  140 students.


6 Responses to “Why can’t I earn this kind of money?”

  1. Kevin Kim Says:

    Are you really still tutoring while in Canada?

  2. surprisesaplenty Says:

    Dang! I have been updating some of my posts – adding tags and putting them in categories and such. No, this post is probably from 2010.
    …time to see how many posts are now showing as posted today.

  3. Kevin Kim Says:

    Your very first post, “Hello world” (where’s that vocative comma??), just showed up today on my news feed. I was like, “Huh?”

  4. surprisesaplenty Says:

    Sorry about that.
    I think the first post is titled by WordPress. Yes, I should have caught it, but I’m at least sharing the blame.

    I just updated around a 100 posts. I would like to get a word cloud of categories in my side bar but when I set it up, there were 29 very small words and a giant “Uncategorized”.

    So, I’m looking at WordPress’ RSS reader and “feedly” now that Google reader is shutting down. What do you use or will you use?

  5. Kevin Kim Says:

    My own news feed is provided for free by Blogger, so there was never anything for me to set up.

    Good luck as you continue with the reformatting!

  6. expatseek Says:

    Gotta admire his entreprenurialism

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