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strange post to return with, I know

December 30, 2012






I don’t even want to look at how it has been since I last posted here.  In my half-hearted defense, I have posted somewhat more frequently at the Creativiti Project.


I do want to keep writing here and I have some big changes in my life coming up; changes which definitely fit with the title of this blog. Further, I need to plan for 2013 and set some goals and what better place to such a personal activity then on a blog read by …some.


First though, a short post today with some humourous photos.

My son and I were rollerblading in the apartment’s parking lot and we found a sign that I read at “Ee ba to hae 2000”.  If you have the Hangeul character set, it was “이바토해2000”.  My son says that doesn’t mean anything, but I have photographic evidence.












Just before Christmas, I found this sign.

funny2I read it as “Boo Santa Ol” or in English, “Boo, Santa’s coming.”

In other language humour, I texted a friend and offered to pick up his sons and bring them here to play with my son.  He offered to drive them himself.  Quote: “I will pick them down…”  If we assign real value to the phrase “Pick up” I think we have to accept “Pick down”.