hadan to Kadeukdo bike ride

Indeed the ride was “to” but not actually “around” Kadeuk Island.  It’s been a while since I last rode and I was concerned about aches and pains if I went much further.  Still, the trip there along the ‘Gull’s Way’ was enjoyable on its own merits.

Near Myeongji Ocean City, I looked out and I swear that this must be some form of children’s castle made impregnable due to its location.

I’ve seen close-up what agriculture looks like in Korea and I have to admit that it is so intensive that it doesn’t look very attractive (this is probably true outside of Korea as well).  Aquaculture is at least as horrific to the eye.

The Gulls-Way to Kadeukdo is well-marked, but keep an eye open for the signs as you go through the final industrial areas before crossing to the island.  I missed a turn and went a little out of my way before turning back.

On Kadeukdo, I saw an old lifeboat.  Thirty-something years ago, my scout troop tried to refurbish one like this into a sailboat.  I guess it remains rusting away in the Scouter’s backyard.

There is a tiny island next to Kadeukdo and the Gull’s-way goes through it as well.  I followed most of that route, until steep hiking trails stopped me.

There is a school on the island but the students are unusual.  Click to enlargify to see the horses that make this field their own.

I climbed these stairs, and hiked further, to see if it was worth-while to carry the bike over.  Instead, I chose to make this the turn-around point.

From those stairs, I took a picture of this front yard that would seem so natural for Canada, but totally out of place here.

Possible in the above picture was this collection of jars.  I think they might be crab or octopus homes, that can be pulled up for harvest.  Considering how little I know about aquaculture, the above sentence might make me (more of) a laughingstock.

Looking across the bay to another island, I saw more fishing vessels.

I’m not sure yet if I heart Kadeuk, but I do like it and plan to return.


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