This must be a plant

With one line of four words in which every word is mis-spelled,  I have to wonder if it is deliberate.

I tried to obscure the website URL, but if you want to see the sign, look near the McDonald’s at Naeng-jeong Station in Busan.

And if you need a Well-being Internet Zone, well give it a try.



2 Responses to “This must be a plant”

  1. badaajoshi Says:

    Brian. Where the hell are you? I heard you left Gwandong. Where to? R U in Canada? Still married to the woman in the navy/marines/whathaveyou?

  2. surprisesaplenty Says:

    Rick, I have moved to Busan. Just after I moved, KDU got put on the university blacklist, so I left at exactly the right time! Still married. I see you have made the move to wordpress as well.

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