Children’s water park in Dadae

My son and I had a great afternoon at the new waterpark at Dadae Beach.  The location has a lot to offer children and a few things for adults as well.

  1. The waterpark is right on the beach which has a very gentle slope so there is lots of room for running and playing in shallow seawater.  At the beach, one can also take classes in kite-boarding and small-boat sailing.
  2. The somewhat-famous giant fountains are next to the park and beach and kids can also cool off there.  At night, there is a remarkable laser and music show at the fountains.
  3. Mollundae anchors the southern tip of the beach and has shaded hiking trails and an exploratory boardwalk.  I think it would be fun for strong-swimmers to hike through Mollundae to the open water side and snorkel or swim there, although I have never done this.
  4. There is no Starbucks but most other purveyors of cold drinks and ice cream are nearby.
The park itself has five pools.  Two are mostly for their rental boats; electric and hand-paddle boats

Two others have inflatable slides and most kids loved them – just scary enough.

Although these four pools had specific uses, many kids were splashing around in them as well.

Apparently, I don’t have a photo of the big pool.  It was around thigh deep and had several inflatable toys in it for the kids to climb on and try to tip.  The depth was sufficient for me to relax in yet not too scary for my seven year old son.  The bottom is strangely lumpy as it is just vinyl placed over beach sand.

The pools were evacuated for fifteen or so minutes every hour-and-a-half.  At those times, and others, this inflatable toy was popular.


Around the pools were large shaded areas that were pleasant to sit in and relax.  There was a stage for performances and a sign offering draft beer but I didn’t partake.

Our visit on July 1 was free as part of the ‘grand open’.  I think regular admittance will be around six thousand won, perhaps a thousand cheaper for kids and a thousand more for adults.  Tickets to ride the boats were five thousand for the electric and three thousand for the paddle.  In the big pool were ‘hamster wheel’ inflatables and I don’t know the pricing for those.

The park was a lot of fun and my son and I will definitely return.  We may make a full day of it, starting in the surf and catching crabs and shrimp near Mollundae, then using the park showers to wash the salt off.


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