Draw Muhammad Day

This is my most controversial drawing of Muhammad. Previously, I had him playing soccer and arguing with Harold Camping (2/3 of the way down – the third ‘Brian’).  My previous drawings were relatively innocent but this one picks the low-hanging fruit of his marriage to a nine-year-old when he was in his 50’s.

I have also discussed burning the Koran(do).

The goal here is not necessarily to be blasphemous but to point out the absurdity of demanding people in other religious groups follow your teachings in all cases.

Blasphemy: its a victimless crime.

9 Responses to “Draw Muhammad Day”

  1. Prince Says:

    Allah sent many messengers to guide the people about the way that should be followed to have a successful/peaceful lives (this one and that of hereafter). He gave many miracles to his messengers to show the people that they are messengers and should be followed. Many non-blievers always make laugh on them by pointing out the things/event that actually was made to let us learned lessons. For example, Lots of people abuse Mary when she gave birth to Jesus (pease be upon him), one of the messenger of Allah, without a man. Why you haven’t see Muhammad (peace be upon him) when he married a 40 years widow woman when he was only 25 years old. I just can qoute the description of a sentence from Qur’an: They laugh on you (believers), actually laugh it on them because they are refusing the right way, they will get painful punishment in their next (forever) life. Please think of what are you doing to you. Proofs are available if you can pay attention. For example, the making of this earth (big bank theory), the stages of pregnancy, 3D shape of eart, etc were mentioned in Qur’an 1400 years ago while the Science discover it few years ago. In Qur’an Allah said: you have changed the previous books (bibles) for small amount of money or so, but this time I will be responsible for this book (Qur’an). The proof is, you can go anywhere in the world and take samples of Qur’an, you cannot find a SINGLE variation. Furthermore, todays’ science proved 70% of the things mentioned by Qur’an and not proved a single thing as wrong (seems science need more discoveries to prove all the things). These explanations are to whom who are neither blind by eyes nor by heart. Please come to the right path, otherwise painful punishment is waiting for you!!!

  2. bighominid Says:

    Prince, I’m humbled by the breadth and depth of your knowledge and the force of your arguments. I promise to do my best to help my misguided friend Brian see the error of his ways. Please understand that he has a good heart, even if his actions are not worthy of the One, Compassionate and Merciful.

    In peace.

  3. Mom Says:

    Is Prince serious??
    Today I am wearing my red beads…a present from Budda’s birthday parade when I was last in Korea.
    Happy Birthday to him!

  4. surprisesaplenty Says:

    I believe he is, Mom.

  5. bighominid Says:

    Brian, you are so gonna burn in hell. Blasphemer!

    (Hi, Mom. Just tryin’ to keep your son on the straight and narrow.)

  6. Mom Says:

    Hi to Bighominid and Brian
    He will have lots of company there!

  7. Bernard Says:

    The best remedy for fantasy is education.
    People need to realize that islam is a political ideology, not a religion. It’s neighbors may be Judaism and Christianity, but it’s relatives are Marxism and Nazism. You know a tree by it’s fruits. Islam is one lie after another. Those who molly-coddle the devotees of Islam sin against charity. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCfbYkXtHuA

  8. surprisesaplenty Says:

    I think comments here are officially closed now. Bernard, sorry to close comments then discuss yours, preventing you from responding, but drawing Muhammad is not specifically an anti-Muslim thing, it is a response to all forms of religious censorship. Islam is every much a religion as Christianity or Judaism and is fanciful and unbelievable as them, too.

    • Bernard Says:

      Well, comments may be officially closed, but as long as this one takes, they are not irrevocably closed. We shall see. I find it understandable, Brian, that as a person who takes no interest in religion you also have no interest in investigating the claims, history, or anthropologies of the various religion. As an atheist you naturally declare them all false. But whether or not you take an interest in religions, religions and those who practice them take an interest in you. For that reason alone, you may wish to exercise caution in grouping them all together in other ways then the one as an atheist you must by declaring them false. But I ask you to consider then, what is the difference between religion, and political ideology. I think if you do then had enough interest in THAT question to see how your assumptions about Islam figured in, you’d end up agreeing with me that it’s not really a religion even though its devotees insist otherwise. Of course, telling the truth about Islam won’t win you any friends, just like drawing pictures of Mohammed won’t. But you’re on the right track, I think. You’re also correct in discerning that Ann Barnhardt is very much against Islam as just another religion, and I do understand why you might not wish to go further than drawing a cartoon of Mohammed. That’s a lot further than most are willing to go. Cheers.

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