KOTESOL National Conference 2012!

The conference is here in Busan on the 26th!

KOTESOL national Conference website.

Koreabridge link to the event.

The goshdarn website is down again, but if you can, register on or before the 18th to get the re-reg discount.

Conference Timetable
9:15-10:00       REGISTRATION
10:00-10:20       Opening Ceremony
10:30-11:20       PLENARY SESSION: Tim Murphey (link to Abstract/Bio)
11:30-12:20       Featured/Invited Sessions & Pecha Kucha
12:30-1:20         LUNCH
1:30-2:20          Concurrent Presentations (50 mins)
2:30-4:00         Training Workshops (90mins)
4:00-4:50         Concurrent Presentations (50 mins)
5:00-5:50         PLENARY SESSION: Marc Helgesen (link to Abstract/Bio)
5:50-6:00         Raffle Draw
6:00-6:15         Closing
6:30                 Reception Dinner  (off-site, all invited, pay your own way)


Plenary Speakers

  • Tim Murphey (Kanda University of International Studies in Tokyo)
  • Marc Helgesen (Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University, Sendai, Japan)

Dr. Tim Murphey’s plenary talk is titled: “Drive: Putting Students at the Wheel with Agency, Identity, and Altruism.”
“Once there was a country where there were almost no cars and the people in this country realized that for their growing economy it would be good to have a more mobile population with bus drivers, taxi drivers, and even individual car owners who could get around by themselves. The people in power reasoned  . . .” Come to Tim’s talk to find out where we are driving.

Prof. Marc Helgesen’s plenary is titled: “Happiness 2.0: New Ideas from the Science of Well-Being.
“Happy students learn more, work harder on tasks, and approach those tasks with enthusiasm – all keys to creating and focusing learner drive. Positive Psychology explores happiness, positive emotion, and those things that allow us to flourish.”

Featured Speakers

  • Dr. Hyesun Cho from the University of Kansas
  • George Scholz from RELO at the US Embassy
  • Special panel on English Education in Korea

Also on the program:
A broad array of presentations by local and national level speakers on a wide variety of topics focusing on the needs of Korea’s classroom English teachers. Including: Brian Dean, Lindsay Mack [the link is to ‘a’ Lindsay Mack involved in ESL.  I presume it is the same one.], Mizuka Tsukamoto, Amelie Kelly, April Abate, Phillipa Arthur, Alex Grevett, Thomas Baldwin, Scott Miles, Leonie Overbeek, Kenneth Moore, Tory Thorkelson, Steve Garrigues, Colin Walker, James Underwood, Rocky Nelson, Ksan Rubadeau, James Garner, Nico Lorenzutti, Alonzo Williams, Joseph Vitta, Ju A Hwang, Andee Pollard, Nate Kent, Martin Tuttle, Peadar Callaghan, and Roger Fusselman.




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