morning exercise in the parking lot

Our new apartment is working out pretty well.  I find the location to be much better.  However, it is an older apartment complex and I guess the parking requirements were smaller when it was built.  As a result, cars are parked in the two rows of parking spaces, then two rows are made between the parking spaces.  These cars are left in neutral so they can be moved more easily.

My son was eager to go outside this morning, and I saw an actual parking space available, so we shuffled cars around until I could drive around to the empty space.  Then, we moved some cars back so the throughways were clear.


Now, I wrote that the parking spaces fill up then rows are made between the spaces, and I think that is the appropriate order, but often people choose to park in the row rather than a space because it allows them to depart more easily in the morning.  This sometimes goes on leaving actual parking spaces nearly unreachable and contributing to more cars to be pushed.

For me, this means that when I have my car safely parked I don’t like to use it again if I know I will return in the evening.  I know busses are better for the environment and that Earth Day is coming, but one big reason I take the bus often is to avoid parking woes.  Perhaps, instead of Earth Day, we need ‘Don’t get uptight about parking; leave your car where it is for the day’ Day (Dguap;lycwiiftdD).


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