A month in Gangwondo… and where Surprises is going in 2012

Hi all.  It’s been so long.  In November, I was either busy with nanowrimo or procrastinating about not being busy with it.  In December, I guess I was busy with exams then camp.  In January, I was at camp, then sorta rootless for a while.

I remain sorta rootless now, but do feel I have time to blog.

Let’s see. I learned from Nanowrimo and really should discuss it more at my creativity blog.  At my university, I was the first person done the grading and had my results entered before any other.  Sadly, I am quite proud of that.

The camp went well, although it squeezed Christmas quite a bit. We had Christmas on Dec 20 and I was on the road to Gangwondo on the 23rd.

For more about my time in Gangwon, visit my Gangwon blog for January.  But first, here is a taste:

There should be a video from Boribong – the peak of Chiaksan National Park, as well.  I’ll put that up when I can. Added later: here it is!

You might reasonably be wondering what I mean by ‘rootless’.  Well, we are apartment warming for some family who will move soon.  As near as I can learn, it is good luck to have a family move into an apartment as soon as it is bought.  My in-laws are still working and their current apartment is still rented until the end of February, so we are spending the nights there.  Does that sound strange to you?  Good.  I still haven’t figured it out.  Anyway, we are commuting each night and morning.

As many have, I made some resolutions for this year and am already behind on them- I’m blaming the ‘rootless’ thing.  One goal is to write 4000 words a week on my blogs.  Now, you are unlikely to see 4,000 words in a given week here, but here or at Gangwon Notes or the Creativiti Project, it should happen.

It is tough to say what you will find on this blog.  I remain a fan of human-powered travel, environmental issues, and teaching ESL but have learned enough to know I don’t know all that much about these fields.  If I write about ESL, I want to do more than post a link and add one sentence of commentary.

I am also looking for extra work.  My university pays me a great wage per hour- I get paid for February and work zero hours – but not so much per year.  As a family man, I need to find some new sources of income.  It is legal for me to do so, but I probably won’t go into many further details on the blog.

In the last four months of 2011, I somehow lost 3 kg and saw 89.—kg for the first time in many years.  I want more of that -well, less of that, I guess.  When I am more settled, it will be time to exercise regularly again.  Until that time, I plan to hike when possible.  My hiking in Gangwon Province was great and its time to do more of it.

So, come here often.  I expect there will be more for you to read this year than last.


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