Under, Over, Through game

Here is another game that was a lot of fun for the students and didn’t take much time to prepare.  I do see ways to improve it, though.

The unit was about prepositions of location and of movement.  After discussing the terms at their desks, I showed them what they would be doing with another set of desks previously organized.  Click to embiggen any photo.

Here is a staged photo that was intended to show the students going over or under or around desks and through a gap between some chairs.  I don’t think this photo has all the action I had hoped for.  The game did, though.  I hope you can see the stickers on the desks and chairs, each with a number or letter.  The actions for each number or letter were shown on the chalkboard above.

Luckily, no one followed the last set of instructions as shown below!

The actual game was a relay with one student from each team going through the course before the next student could start.  I’ve just remembered why the numbers and letter – and stickers -are out of order.  It was for a second round of the game and I didn’t want the students to have the route so carefully memorized.

I think that if I were to do the game again, I would have the students perform the actions -going over a desk, for example- while repeating the phase – “over the desk, over the desk…” before allowing them to race.  Too often, I heard students explaining the next step in Korean to their teammates.


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