A Treasure Hunt at DongKung Elementary School

I had been away for a weekend and didn’t properly prepare for my elementary school class.  Luckily, I’ve been in this biz for a while and when I saw we would be reading about a treasure hunt in Let’s Go 4, I put fifteen minutes to good use.

First, I decided there would be two teams and chose mascots.

Both teams went to the same places but in different orders.  Although the clue above for the Rabbit team was for a map, below is the next clue for the Dinosaur team.

It was a short bit of fun for the students -there were only four clues and the room wasn’t very big.  It could have been more exciting if more than two students had shown up.  Here they are, suitably anonymized:

The clues each contained one large letter that could be combined to form a word.  Trickily, the two words were almost identical: T-E-A-S and E-A-T-S.  I am not sure if they are smiling from the game or the silly pose I required.


Added later:

The Let’s Go text (#4) has a continuing story of a treasure hunt so I repeated the game.  This time, I took a little more time into organizing it and the game was much expanded.





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