would it give you dusty-bum here?





In Utrecht, they’ve developed a ‘transit accelerator’ to reach rail stations.  It would be faster, but even more, it would make the whole city more fun to travel in.At Pop-up City, they have a video of the accelerator in use.

Via Freakenomics.



3 Responses to “would it give you dusty-bum here?”

  1. Kevin Kim Says:

    More fun indeed… until a series of piss- and shit-covered bums decide to use the slide.

  2. surprisesaplenty Says:

    Yeah, but I don’t want to think about the practicalities; I want slides as exits for 2nd, 3rd and maybe 4th floors of buildings as well. Okay, I would even try one from the top of the 63 building, if it were offered.

  3. Kevin Kim Says:

    That would be pretty damn cool. I’m imagining a slide that curls around the entire building like a crazy-straw.

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