That was a lot of rain!

I spent Saturday, a day of hellacious rain, at a hospital in Kimhae visiting with my Father-in-law.  He is home now; I’m not sure how serious his health problems were and don’t intend to discuss them here.

Anyway, in the evening, we drove through much deep water to Chinyoung, spent the night with in-laws and went to the farm house on Sunday morning.

At the house, we found this guy, and three others loose.How much rain do you need to have your home infested with eels?  I never did learn the actual reason for the eels, but we thought perhaps the mother-in-law bought them to make Chueotang (eel soup) with and some escaped.

Everything was wet, but not quite as muddy as I had expected.  Off we went to collect hot peppers from the patches.  This little guy was one of perhaps a hundred I saw during the long day.

I also found this mushroom cap.  I don’t think it belonged in the garden.

It was a long day, around ten or more hours, and we picked many pecks of (non-pickled) peppers.

Today, in Busan, I visited Deokcheon and found Samnak Park was now Samnak Lake.  I think these pictures are from upstream of Samnak Park but are also parks.


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