cycling and urban traffic in the news

A few quick links:

Scientific American describes a bike that uses its brakes to boost its speed.

The bike (see the video below) uses a spinning flywheel to recover energy lost during braking so it can be later reclaimed to boost speed. A flywheel can temporarily store the kinetic energy from the bicycle when the rider needs to slow down, according to von Stein. The energy stored in the flywheel can be used to bring the cyclist back up to cruising speed. In this way the cyclist recovers the energy normally lost during braking. In addition to increased energy efficiency, the flywheel-equipped bicycle is more fun to ride since the rider has the ability to boost speed, he adds.

Tom Vanderbilt’s blog has a humourous look at a giant helping people park their cars.  The video is apparently by Junebum Park, so there is a Korea connection.  I want to make a video like this now.

Vanderbilt’s twitter feed also includes many interesting uses of the word ‘accident’ when describing car crashes. I don’t see how to link to a specific tweet, but this was from June 23:

Tom Vanderbilt

@tomvanderbiltTom Vanderbilt
‘Accidental death’ of Ryan Dunn. 2X legal BAC, +130 MPH & ‘Dunn had received 23 driving violations in past 13 years.’

Speaking of accidents that are probably mostly preventable, Monster Island reports on a Christian Science Monitor article about accident rates among food delivery workers (CSM article link). Quote from Monster Island:

I always thought speed cameras on major sidewalks that are triggered by vehicles going beyond the speed of a person running would be in order as well. Anything to get rid of these mooks who endanger the public.


2 Responses to “cycling and urban traffic in the news”

  1. Kevin Kim Says:

    The flywheel contraption sure sounds like cheating to me. “Energy conservation,” indeed!

  2. surprisesaplenty Says:

    Again, get the energy conserving knee-brace for your walk to recharge your electronics.

    I wonder what the ideal hill is for this flywheel. It gives you added power for a certain distance, but then you have seven extra kilos to push up the hill.

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