Ordinary April Fools Day Prank

A coworker and friend of mine is a skilled violinist and I recently noticed he sometimes leaves his violin at work.  I also noticed it is about the same size as my son’s toy guitar.  A little before April 1st, I moved the violin to the office manager’s desk and left the toy and a note.


The text reads:


I though you might want to go the electric violin route, like Linzi Sheppard.




P.S. I gave my kids the old wooden violin I found in this case.


My name isn’t ‘Andy’ by the way.  Andy is another great guy I know in Busan who used to work with us.

This was the scariest prank I have pulled, chiefly because the violin was probably very expensive.  i closed that case and zipped it up fully before taking it slowly to the office manager’s desk.  There, I set it carefully on the middle of the desk -but earlier had ensured the desk was clean and dry – and made sure no one would accidentally hit an edge and knock it off.

He saw me later that day and casually said hello.  Working hard to remove any smile, I coldly returned his greeting and walked past.  Sadly, as soon as he spoke to continue the conversation I broke and couldn’t keep a straight face.  And he was all set to blame another co-worker!  I could’ve been free and clear!

Anyway, he laughed as was a good sport as seen by his attempt to play the new ‘violin’.


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