plans and concerns

I recently started reading “Cognitive Surplus“, a book about how people can create collaboratively online.  The thesis of the book is that for years, TV demanded that we only absorb media.  Modern media -delivered by the internet – is more of a give-and-take* proposition. We can do more that receive information; we can create it, too.

Since starting the book, which I enjoy, I haven’t created anything online although my time online hasn’t decreased much.

I’ve been distracted by concern over my wife who is in the Korean Coast Guard and has been at sea for more than a week now.  We’ve spoken to her, so I know she is fine, but her job is more dangerous than I had imagined.  To my knowledge, she is not in the West Sea but I have no information either way.**

I see that rice season may have started already.  It seems early.  I am surprised; last year we started the first planting in May and the second planting in June.  The planting I was involved in was in southern South Gyeongsang province so I would expect it to be ahead of the more northern Gyeonggi province.


* a student majoring in 국제물ㄹ류 – or maybe 국제관계 described his major as “give and take”.  After discussion, we agreed that maybe “import/export” or “International Relations” was a more august sounding title.

**I’d started a rambling, stream-of-consciousness type of post and left it in the draft folder.


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