Tongdo Fantasia, Lion King and the pox

The last few days have been busy ones for me.

On Thursday, the camp I finally ended up working at took kids and teachers to Tongdo Fantasia.  I had fun and the students had more fun.  I’m not sure how much English they spoke, though.  It was cold, but not too much so and there were no lines.  The roller coaster ( the big one, not the children’s one) was plenty exciting if a little short.  I rode it perhaps five times, sometimes just standing up and seeing no one wanted my seat, then sitting down again.  Aqua Fantasia was closed, including the indoor portions but it looks like it would be fun in season.

The bad news is that my son has come down with Chicken Pox -I think a few blisters can be seen here, if you really want to look.  He was feverish before the blisters appeared but seems troublingly energetic now.  He and I fly out in one week to visit Canada so I hope he recovers quickly.

To cheer him up, we saw the Little Lion King.  He really didn’t care for it and I had trouble keeping him quiet through the last twenty minutes.  I could follow the plot but not recognize all of the animals by their costumes.


This blog is nearly a year old and I still don’t what it’s purpose is.  When in Gangwondo, I wrote about all things Gangwondo, as well as environmental issues and tourism.  I am so new to Busan that I don’t think my opinion is valuable enough yet to pontificate upon local issues.  I enjoy discussing education and how to teach creativity in class, but again, I am not so sure that’s what I want here.

I will try to keep this blog going as it is through blogging that I have met and made some good friends here in Korea.  I will keep it going, but going where?


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