wearing my Cecils.

Years ago, my family visited our grandparents and grandpa met us at the door wearing two different plaids.  I was oblivious to the contrast until my  sister exclaimed something like, “He looks like a table cloth!”

Its just as well I hadn’t noticed.  I would probably have made the same comment but in front of him.

Suddenly, there I was today, in my Cecils (that was grandpa’s name, if I hadn’t been clear on that).

The pajama bottoms are a gift from my mother as is my little guy’s vest.

Here he is checking out the Dinosaurs Adventure Board Game, which I am now translating into enough English that we can play it.  The name is in English, as are the names of the game pieces and the dinosaur names but it seems to not be a simple case of taking an English game and translating it into Korean.

We spent Christmas working at ‘kimjang’ – making kimchi.

In this photo is a maternal aunt of my wife.

Here are a few more photos of the week:

My view of the recent lunar eclipse – obscured by clouds.

The little guy impersonating a mannequin.  It looks a little better when he does it in a store next to the real thing.  Two years ago, we would look at the mannequins with the support rod piercing one leg and exclaim, “ouch” in sympathy.

Today he is performing Arirang, a lullaby and possibly more on the xylophone at a concert with his kindergarten classmates.  Check out his carefully prepared hair!


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