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Polar Bear or not?

December 30, 2010




This Saturday, Jan 15, will be ‘freezin’ for a reazin‘ at Haeundae – participants meet at the Wolfhound Pub, walk to Haeundae, swim and go back to the pub.  It looks like it’s for a good cause.  I can’t make it, however.



I swam in the Chosun Westin Haeundae Beach polar bear swim a few years ago, and have swam in Sokcho in January at least a few times.

Wando has a polar bear swim this January.

Does Busan?

I found this at the Busan Ilbo Polar Bear Swim website

“2011 The 24th Polar Bear Swim with Busan Ilbo.”  Looks promising.

Following the English link, however, I found this:

“period of refund : Within 1 month from the date of competition (2010. 1. 31)”

The Korean page contains the same date.

Anyone have news on the Polar Bear Swim?


Update: The Busan Ilbo link is still being updated, it seems.  I have now found two dates, January 31, 2010 and January 23, 2011.  Those other dates seem to be placeholders until they complete the pages.


wearing my Cecils.

December 26, 2010

Years ago, my family visited our grandparents and grandpa met us at the door wearing two different plaids.  I was oblivious to the contrast until my  sister exclaimed something like, “He looks like a table cloth!”

Its just as well I hadn’t noticed.  I would probably have made the same comment but in front of him.

Suddenly, there I was today, in my Cecils (that was grandpa’s name, if I hadn’t been clear on that).

The pajama bottoms are a gift from my mother as is my little guy’s vest.

Here he is checking out the Dinosaurs Adventure Board Game, which I am now translating into enough English that we can play it.  The name is in English, as are the names of the game pieces and the dinosaur names but it seems to not be a simple case of taking an English game and translating it into Korean.

We spent Christmas working at ‘kimjang’ – making kimchi.

In this photo is a maternal aunt of my wife.

Here are a few more photos of the week:

My view of the recent lunar eclipse – obscured by clouds.

The little guy impersonating a mannequin.  It looks a little better when he does it in a store next to the real thing.  Two years ago, we would look at the mannequins with the support rod piercing one leg and exclaim, “ouch” in sympathy.

Today he is performing Arirang, a lullaby and possibly more on the xylophone at a concert with his kindergarten classmates.  Check out his carefully prepared hair!

Merry Christmas, all!

December 24, 2010

Just a note to let you all know I am still alive.  I enjoy blogging and plan to continue but have yet to find my voice in Busan.  Hmm, sounds like I need to make a New Year’s Resolutions Post.

cycling as a contraceptive

December 15, 2010

The benefits from cycling grow and grow.  If you are male and worried about getting your significant other pregnant, cycle more.

…researchers noticed “about a two-fold increased risk of ‘low sperm concentration’ and ‘low total motile sperm'” among men who biked for at least five hours per week compared to men who did not exercise regularly.

It’s not known why the counts were lower among serious cyclists. But Wise said the harmful effects could be the result of “mechanical trauma or a prolonged increase in core scrotal temperature.”

Korean teachers receive great evaluations..

December 8, 2010

..from other Korean teachers!

the average score teachers gave their colleagues was 4.46 out of a possible 5 points, higher than the 2.78 awarded by students and 3.09 by parents. In education of democratic civic ethics, teachers gave an average score of 4.4 points to their colleagues, higher than 3.09 from students and 1.73 from parents.


Clearly, these students (and their parents) need more corporal punishment.

perhaps certain clothing choices are to blame

December 7, 2010

I saw the name for these stockings and the obvious joke came to mind.

I know no woman is ever asking for it, but did nobody in the marketing chain that lead to this name have enough English to understand the idiom?

Talking head describes cycling in various cities.

December 1, 2010

I mean, The Talking Head, David Byrne and a Boingboing description of his audio book,  Bicycle Diaries.  The audio book can be purchased or sampled here No Korean cities are mentioned but several cities with what I imagine seriously scary traffic are. This’d be a good Christmas present for me – should any readers care about that.

House and cars on a San Francisco street

December 1, 2010

The photographer angled his camera so the cars appear level.  I have been working on a way to do this around the university – a way to show how steep and San Francisco-ish the neighborhood about the university is.  Image from flickr where a variety of sizes can be found.

Here are my own, far-less-professional attempts to show the same thing at Dongseo University.