November- a tough month for Surprises Aplenty

I was nervous and excited about starting Nanowrimo – I knew it is a bit of a gimmick, but I like to write and was eager for the encouragement.  I could probably have managed to keep going even though my weekend hours had been drastically shortened – I should have tried.  I do understand that  a writer can write anywhere, even if there are places he prefers.  I knew being on the farm all weekend would be detrimental to my health – and it was, I am in full allergic agony right now – but i could have tried.

Another international event, and one that I participated in last year, is Movember.  I grew a mustache last year, as did many of my coworkers, but had trouble starting it this year.  It seems my short-term memory is failing me.  I entered the bathroom on the morning of November 1st, thinking, “Don’t shave your upper lip.”

I remembered again after shaving the left side of my upper lip.  Dang!  I repeated this for several mornings.

I think I can catch up, though.  I am not sure if this is cheating.

The writing is backward as I am shooting into a mirror, but I have a box of minoxidil in my hand.  I won’t divulge which in-law uses the stuff.


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