The Hominid and Mohammed

The big Hominid recently had a post about cartoonists being threatened with violence for drawing Mohammed.

Those Muslims had a choice: set fire to Danish embassies or protest in a civilized manner. They chose the former, and should be held accountable.

I, for one, side with the cartoonists. No one should live in fear of reprisal for their religious irreverence, and anyone interested in fairness should recognize that, if it’s permissible to ridicule Christianity and Christians– routinely and relentlessly– through written satire, cartoons, etc., then it’s permissible to do those things to other religions and their adherents as well. That’s how fairness works.

I commented, asking if he would draw Mohammed in solidarity and explained that I agreed with his (the Hominid’s) opinion but that I hadn’t mustered the nerve or the energy or escaped from apathy enough to do it myself.

The Big Hominid took up the challenge and drew a few, relatively unoffensive, images.  One of his images may have the Lucasites after him.

Anyway, I didn’t feel I could set him up like that and not do the same myself.

My first question- did I mis-spell his name?  Alright, the above is a picture Titled “Muhammed plays soccer”.

I followed the Hominid’s example, and the suggestion I made in my comment to him, that there was no reason for the image to be deliberately offensive – The original cartoonist described in my first link drew Muhammed with a bomb for a turban.  The cartoonist has the right to do that, but neither he, I or the Hominid should feel required to be deliberately offensive.

I don’t know if the Hominid was aware of the date but I wasn’t until afterward that yesterday was International Blasphemy Day. That might not be as good as drawing these on Everybody Draw Muhammed Day, but we are sorta part of a movement.



2 Responses to “The Hominid and Mohammed”

  1. Kevin Kim Says:

    Lucasites. That sounds like red blood cells.

    As for how to romanize Arabic words and names– I think that that’s as much of a morass as romanizing Korean or Chinese. I normally default to “Muhammad,” but I’ve also seen Muhammed, Mohammed, Mohamed, etc. In French, it’s “Mahomet,” the spelling sanctioned by the Académie Française, I imagine.

  2. Draw Muhammad Day « Surprisesaplenty's Blog Says:

    […] is my most controversial drawing of Muhammad. Previously, I had him playing soccer and arguing with Harold Camping (2/3 of the way down – the third ‘Brian’).  My […]

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