Want to know about religion? Ask me

Via blogs and news reports too numerous to link to them all (here is the New York Times on the subject), The Pew Forum ran a survey entitled, “How much do you know about religion?”

The result was that atheists and agnostics knew the most about religion.

As for me, according the New York Times quiz – six of the original 32 questions – I did great 6/6.

According to the quiz the Pew Forum– 15 of the original 32 questions-I scored better than 97% of the public. To brag even more, here is the screen shot.



One Response to “Want to know about religion? Ask me”

  1. joe Says:

    I’m happy to say that I got 15/15 when I took the test. I thought it was quite odd as I’m a pretty devout atheist, but as it turns out, agnostics and atheists seemed to score better on the test than the devout Christians.

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