The East Sea will get very salty

Or so claims the Donga Ilbo.

In an article titled “East Sea to Turn Into ‘Dead Sea’ in 100 Years: Report“, the writer seems to have mixed up “Dead Sea” with “The Dead Sea”.

From the article:

Japanese researchers say the East Sea will turn into an oxygen-less body of water like the Dead Sea in 100 years, the Japanese daily Mainichi Shimbun said Tuesday.

“The Dead Sea”, of course, is in the Middle East and has a huge salt content that is lethal for any fish that wanders down the river into the Sea.  More here.

I found the wording funny, but the threat seems plausible – that is, that the East Sea will become anoxic and unable to support sea life.

Water on the sea surface, which cools off in winter, circulates and conveys oxygen to the deep sea, and surface water will not adequately cool off due to global warming, the study said. This in turn will block the seamless circulation of water.


2 Responses to “The East Sea will get very salty”

  1. Sam Kim Says:

    Goddamn incompetent Korean press. The scientific study cited actually claims that certain deep-sea portions of the Sea of Japan (or Donghae) may become anoxic in 100 years. Here’s is a link to a Japanese article outlining the issue, which is far more comprehensive and analytical:

    Of course, science reporting in quite a few Western nations also tends to suck horribly, but that doesn’t excuse the Donga Ilbo from journalistic incompetence.

  2. surprisesaplenty Says:

    I find the Dong-a to be not-too-bad in it’s reporting. I should admit that somewhere in the linked article, they do mention that it is the deeper areas that will become anoxic. I do find the report interesting and worrying but focused on the humor for my blog.

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