Here’s another target for Dokdoisours.

Satirical blog Dokdoisours has had a lot of fun with the Korea Times.  The Times’ is infamous for it’s poor editing .

The Korea Herald is a little more professional but is trying a new advertising technique.  Oh, I wrote new, but I first noticed it a month ago or so.  They hyperlink more or less random words in their articles.  Let’s see if the links are visible -broken or not- after I paste:

Ubiquitous access to my email account has cut down a lot of unnecessary time spent looking for the Internet, and it also helps me take care of necessary business more promptly,” Lee said.

This is why the government also is pushing for the so-called “smarter way of working,” he pointed out.

Lee added that the developments were not just happening with phones, but also televisions and computers.

South Korea hopes to commercialize smart TVs by 2012 so that television viewers may have instant access to the Internet while they watch their favorite programs.

From Is it time to get phone smart?  None of these links are for translation or further information related to the article.  Further, in accidentally dragging the mouse over a link, I get a little box obscuring part of the text.  The box has an ‘x’ and will fade after a few seconds but is really annoying.

I am not sure which is worse, the money grubbing links in the Korea Herald or the lack of professionalism at the Korea Times.


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