It’s ironical

Ex Alaskan Senator died in a plane crash recently.  First, as always, my condolensces to his family.

Second, I learned about his death from my Salon feed on Google Reader.  There were a few reports on the event, including these two: (the first is a screen shot)

An interesting choice of ad for Google to place there!

Salon had a few other news reports, then came the headline,

Unfortunate contextual advertising watch, Ted Stevens edition

I’ve had to tweak this post a little.  The blue text above is a link, even though the underlining appears to have disappeared.

At the Huffington Post, news of Stevens’ death was followed by an ad for a remote control plane named “nitro planes”.

I guess this isn’t hypocrisy because Salon doesn’t control what ads Google adds. Still, it is ironic.



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