Cooling Off in Busan

I really haven’t spent much time at the beach.  SongDo Beach is the closest and also a quiet, pleasant place, but it is nearly thirty minutes from my apartment.

In Sokcho, by contrast, the beach was less than twenty minutes by bike away.  The water was also clearer and cleaner.

On the other hand, the good bikini beach in Gangwon was an hour away (Kyeongpo in Gangneung)  and also an hour away in Busan (Haeundae).  Girls wear bikinis  at all beaches, but also wear T-shirts and shorts at most.  Only at Kyeongpo and Haeundae can you find bare midriffs.

Anyway, below are photos (click to embiggen) of how the little guy and I have been cooling off.

From the top-left: DaDaePo beach – it is close and fun, but the water is brown.  I watched a guy walk right into a submerged rock – it looked like it really hurt. There is a lot of kiteboarding here.

Top-middle: A shaman ceremony a little upstream the Nakdong River from DaDaePo.

Top-right: There are  a lot of fountains to play in and DaDaePo has a great one that erupts at 2, 3 and 4 pm, for about half an hour each time.

Second row and third row: SongDo Beach.

Oops! Second row, right side is from near my home at ASIAD Park.  I think there might have been a fire just beyond the point.

Bottom row: The little guy at Songdo, a pebble beach at Molundae – next to DaDaePo, and a ninja at Haeundae Beach.

I said there were plenty of bikinis at Haeundae but foreigners can get in trouble photographing them.  This man, a Coast Guard lifeguard, seemed to be wearing the opposite of a bikini, with almost no flesh showing.


I have just received an email telling me that Samnak Park, in SaSang Gu and next to the NakDong River, has a great children’s pool and I will check it out soon.  I also want to see Songjeong Beach, which is a little East of Haeundae.  I have been to Gwangalli but not to swim.

If anyone is looking for a snorkelling partner, I think there are some good spots at Molundae.  If you want to join me some afternoon, contact me here.


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One Response to “Cooling Off in Busan”

  1. surprisesaplenty Says:

    Pullmu, I got your comment but deleted it because I felt your phone number should be private. I do have your number now and will call when I visit Seoul.
    Thanks for the comment.

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