Online Educational symposium starts Friday

A 48 hour symposium about educational reform (which I take to mean updating- to include more online content) begins this Friday, American Pacific time.  I, uh, hope the time it right – it starts at 2:00pm, LA time.

From the website:

After an Edchat conversation about education reform,Chris Rogers, Jason Bedell, Kelly Tenkely, and I collaborated to organize The Reform Symposium, a 48 hour free e-conference for educators that will begin Friday, July 30th at 2pm PDT (LA Time) and end Sunday, August 1st at 2:30pm PDT (LA Time). The entire conference will take place online in Elluminate web rooms and will feature 20 presentations (30 minutes), 14 keynotes (1 hour), and 1 panel discussion (1 hour) on the this year’s theme, Innovative Practices in Education. Presentations will focus on the effective use of technology and various issues for education reform. This free virtual conference is more than any of us imagined and opened to learners worldwide! All you need to attend is an Internet connection!

Many of you are on summer vacation so why else should you attend this free e-conference?

I have been curious about online content – do people actually pay attention to it?  I will attend a few seminars and see how it goes.



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