Cry me an iRiver

I’ve blogged in the past about my interest in ebook readers.  I finally got my hands on one for a few moments today.

I liked it.  The screen is plenty big enough and the device is small enough that I could easily see myself carrying one around.  The page change is fairly slow – I think that is common to all eReaders – and I could see myself getting to the second last line, then clicking and racing through the final line before the screen changed.

Yes, it looked good and felt right in my hands, but at trustedreviews they weren’t so thrilled with it.  The device comes with a good keyboard but there are few reasons to use it.  There are some good features – I think the article says “almost good features” – like a calendar and appointment book, but they don’t sync with outside hardware.  You could write yourself a note, but you’d have to retype it when you reached your computer, you couldn’t transfer it.

The shop, iRiver, was between Lotte Department Store and Migliore in Seomyeon in Busan.  The reader costs around 360,000 won or 390,000won for the ‘edu’ version which includes a dictionary.  I like it but I’ll continue to wait.

UPDATED a day later.  Here is a study comparing reading speed over four formats: paper book, iPad, Kindle and PC.  The result showed that reading a book is faster.  I like the post on it’s own merits as it describes the research format in detail.

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