proud of my son

Five years old and already studying math at university!

I taught him about addition and subtraction and gave him a few examples two days ago.  He has since been asking for more ‘Su-hak’ – Korean for ‘math’.

Here, a coworker tells him to study harder or he will get a spanking.  Okay, she isn’t threatening him- she is holding some trim for the cubicle-frame.  I am not sure why she is doing that, though.

In Australia, she is a qualified teacher and offered some suggestions on how a five-year-old understood mathematical concepts.  Specifically, she told me I should use examples rather than abstract symbols, like ‘+’ and ‘-‘.  Thanks, currently unnamed coworker!

At home, he insisted on washing the dishes.  After I mopped a litre of two of water off the floor, I thanked him.


Oh, I’m usually proud of my son, but typically choose not to waste your time blabbering on about it.



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