Busan Kotesol Mini-conference

The weather cooperated well with our plans for a conference – it was miserable and raining all day.  One might as well go to a conference as stare at the rain.

Here are some pics I took.  Click to embiggen.

Starting at the top left: two representatives manned the ATEK desk in the hallway.  I think Greg is being interviewed by EFM Busan English radio.  The Oxford representative and his books.  EFM (again, maybe) interviews two volunteers – from Japan and studying at Dongseo University. A representative from Cambridge publishing.

Second row: Costco kept everyone fed.  We placed them in a poor location but they gave us a great supply of food. David from Ten Magazine showing gift cups come with a subscription.  Peadar prepares his lecture on comics in the classroom.  Jeff LeBow interviews Greg from ATEK.

Bottom row: Busan-Gyeongnam KOTESOL President dramatically demands the jury issue a not-guilty verdict.  I guess ‘Foxy’ leaves the computer on sometimes.  Lyndon and a volunteer clean up.  After the conference, Lyndon went to his evening job and waited tables at Pasta Vanita.

I may post commentary about the conference later.  I was involved in registration, so I only saw one presentation.  I wasn’t thrilled with it, to be honest, but it was on a subject that I have worked on for several years myself, so I probably wasn’t the target audience.

Added Later: The presentation, on making student videos as a class project, was clear and well-thought out.  There were a few ideas that I will incorporate into my current student video diary program, a program I have run and refined over six or seven semesters.  However, the presenter’s class and facilities are quite different from my own.  It was a good presentation, but did not have a lot of meat in it for me.


We had hoped for sixty or more attendees and we had more than eighty so it was a clear success.  The next conference will be even better!

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Ten Magazine



One Response to “Busan Kotesol Mini-conference”

  1. Fly Says:

    It was all together a great conference!

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