Busan KOTESOL Summer Conference

Updated: I had posted a picture of text that included personal information – I have removed it and tried to replace it.  Safari is showing me a ‘failed photo’ image though.  No luck – refer to the link for further information.


On June 26, the Busan Gyeongnam branch of KOTESOL will hold a mini conference.  It is worth going to on it’s own merits, but also, you could meet me at the door there.

Click to embiggen or follow the link below.

More information can be found here. At that link, I found a PDF with this information (and more):

KOTESOL is holding the first annual Busan KOTESOL Summer Conference on June 26th at Pusan University of Foreign Studies. This event is open to all educators, both Korean and expatriate, and aims to develop and enhance networks among professionals in the Busan area. The conference also offers teachers an opportunity to develop their professional skills and understanding of how technology can be used in the classroom. The conference is aimed at both public and private sector educators.

KOTESOL is the Korea-based affiliate of TESOL International, a non-profit association of professional EFL/ESL teachers and educators.

At the last meeting I attended – I missed one to do farm work – the plan was to print about 100 copies of the conference book.  The book will contain  abstracts and further information about the presentations.  I mention this because pre-registration will almost certainly guarantee you one – the rest will be handed out on a  first-come, first serve basis.


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