Busan Aquarium

On Saturday, I took the little guy to the Busan Aquarium with one of his friends and his family.

I’m still new to wordpress: I had trouble adding text after inserting a group of photos.  commentary either with or after the photos.  General comments about the aquarium are at the end of the post.

Hmm.  That’s not exactly what I wanted, but it does look good. Left-to-right, top-to-bottom, here are some descriptions.

1) We arrived early and walked through the Haeundae Sand Sculpture Festival.

2) The little guy loves doing this pose these days and it is infuriating!  Also in the pic are two of his friends.

3) The fish and other animals were great,but so were the railings!  It was hard to pull the boys away to see more fish.

4) The Moon jellyfish are in a cylindrical tank and I shot the boys through the tank.

5) Cast of a fossil shark jaw.

6) Just outside of the Aquarium proper is a 3-D video ride.  Here are the boys after their ride.  We saw a ‘Happy Feet’ based video, but earlier the little guy and I saw a dinosaur video. The video is 3-d but also, you are sitting on a hydraulically controlled platform that can lift and drop and tilt.  You really feel like you are moving.  In the dinosaur video, we felt like we were in a helicopter and the dinosaurs were all around.  It was terrifying for the little guy.

7) Swimming at Haeundae beach.


The aquarium is well-done but not large.  Don’t come to Busan just for it.  Still, it is right on the beach and makes an air-conditioned break from the hot sun.

The little guy and I have season passes (46,000 won each for Koreans, 40,000 won for foreigners). The passes came with two extra free tickets which we gave to the family that came with us.  After two visits, and including the price of the free tickets, we are already ahead from using the passes.

I have not tried the ‘shark dive’ experience- you can dive in the main shark tank, full of large grey nurse sharks- but I think I will try it.  The nurse sharks here do not look like the nurse sharks I was familiar with in Tobago, where I dove studying the coral reefs as part of my Biology degree.

Haeundae Beach looks great and was about at parity between foreigners and Koreans on Saturday.  The water was plenty warm enough and i hope to return several times before the August crowds (Haeundae is the busiest beach in Korea but I suspect will not be crowded until the school break.  Koreans seem to think the water is only warm enough between August 1 and August 31). A friend told me about Songdo Beach, which is apparently clean enough to swim in (compared to the much closer DaDaeBeach which looks clear enough, but is in a bad location, pollution-wise), so I will have check that one out.


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