Boating on Buddha’s Birthday

This year, we didn’t visit temples or eat the free temple lunch.  I don’t know much about the western and lunar calendars or if Buddha’s Birthday is determined by a yet a third calendar, but at least this time, my wife’s eldest uncle’s birthday was on the same day and, having moved to Busan, we were now close enough to visit him on his birthday.  Unlike the Buddha,he is actually able to appreciate our visit.

It could have been a boring time at the farm for the kids, but my brother-in-law told us an activity he used to do with his brother: Boating down the irrigation ditch.

Carrying the boat to the ditch – I wish I could convince my son to stop making this pose for photos.  Still, it’s probably better than my strained, unnatural smile in photos.

Time to climb in.

My nephew was the first crewman.

Soon, both boys were ready, sorta.  The boat wobbled a lot and the trip was very short.  I had to rush to take these pictures.

My brother-in-law aground.  I was similarly unable to cruise down the ‘canal’.

The boys didn’t like actually drifting and wobbling so the boating part was a bust.  Still, the preparation and setup were a bit of an adventure for them.


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3 Responses to “Boating on Buddha’s Birthday”

  1. pakalakamino Says:

    i don’t think those poses will cease as long as you’re in korea. looks like the weather is great!

    BTW, i’m hoping that water in the canals don’t flow from anyone’s sewer system.

  2. surprisesaplenty Says:

    This water is a murky, but I think it is straight from the river, without any (extra) additives. I’m not saying the river is particularly clean, mind you.

  3. pakalakamino Says:

    Nonetheless, it does look fun. I’ve always wanted to try that down the Namdaechon.

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