Pirates of the Caribbean (I have to write something!)

It’s been so long that I feel I have to write something.  I have let several news stories go by, so that whatever I write about has to be really big or insignificant.  I chose the latter.

I was a big fan of the original Pirates of the Caribbean and enjoyed the two sequels.  I am really looking forward to the upcoming Pirates movie because it is somehow based on Tim Powers’ book, “On Stranger Tides”.  The two are a good match: both include piracy, magic and some humour.  Indeed, all I really need in the movie is the following exchange:

Voodoo magician: I’m a deaf.  I can’t hear.

Clerk: Oh my God; he’s going to defecate here!

The rest of the book is not so funny, but completely enjoyable; should I buy a new copy?

The movie’s budget is being cut, so I hope it gets made.  As a Powers’ fan, I’ll be there even if it is poorly rendered – I hope that’s not the case, naturally.



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